Monday, May 17, 2010

Spelling Power -- My Very First Review Ever

I love school—always have, guess I always will.  There’s nothing like a trip to the store for new notebooks, pens and highlighters—and there’s nothing more fun than receiving a package in the mail with new curriculum!  A few weeks into our school year, a friend shared her excitement over Spelling Power and after looking through her book, I knew I had to have my own copy for our school. 

Designed to take about 15 minutes a day, Beverly Adams-Gordon’s Spelling Power was a great fit for our family!  A comprehensive spelling curriculum, it comes with a DVD to help get you started and a CD full of resources ready to print and begin.  The CD has all of the forms needed to start a spelling notebook, printable task cards of hands-on activities and a digital spelling tutor for students who need additional practice.

After taking the initial placement tests, my kids were anxious to get started.  Based on the placement test, each student begins exactly at their academic level.  There are over 5,000 words broken down into 11 levels which makes Spelling Power a great long-term resource.  Each daily spelling session begins with a five minute “test” where students hear the word, hear the word in a sentence, hear the word again and then say the word aloud.  This method makes it easy to give positive feedback immediately!  At the end of the five minute “test,” the students use a multi-sensory study sheet for any words they might have missed.  No missed words means spelling is over for the day! 

I have four children — ages 8 to 15.  We all agree that Spelling Power is fun!  My children have varied learning styles and we found something for everyone with this.  Claire, my 15 year old daughter, enjoys the challenge of learning new words and loved the flexibility of a 15 minute school subject.  She is also able to use the word lists as a study guide for the ACT.   Victoria, my 14 year old daughter, is epileptic and struggles staying on grade level.  She must learn at her own pace and needs to feel success right where she is — the low pressure of Spelling Power is perfect for her.  Jenner, my 10 year old son, enjoys the activities that are designed to reinforce his spelling skills — he is all boy and is all about hands-on learning.   Although it is designed for students from 8 years old to adults, I did find it a bit difficult at first for my 8 year old daughter, Elisabeth.  She was not quite ready to begin a spelling program at the beginning of our school year, so we put it aside for her and picked it up again after Christmas.  We really needed to spend more time on basic reading skills before we jumped into spelling. 

For our investment of $64.95, we received a quality spelling curriculum that we’ll be able to use with all four children throughout high school.  It’s an easy, simple-to-use solution for spelling that we didn’t get tired of and will continue to use.  I like that it is written by a homeschool mom who has “been-there, done-that.”   If you’d like to check it out further to see if it might be a fit for your family, there is more information available at  In the real-world of homeschooling, Spelling Power worked!  We have seen marked improvement in our children’s spelling and marked improvement in their attitudes about spelling.  J

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